Your Biz-ness – Your Mindset Decides Your Success in Business

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For you so many other things are important. You need to figure out why your sales are falling short of your projected goal, why you’re not attracting new clients and what’s going on with the ad you paid for weeks ago that you still haven’t seen. Right? You have way too much on your plate to worry about concerning your business to get success in business. Your mindset is the last thing you have time to deal with during the day.

I work with clients every day with the same comments. I hear them loud talk about the “bigger picture” and the important things that matter in their business. If you hear yourself saying the same thing, it’s not uncommon, as a matter of fact, it’s quite normal. But it is NOT good for business.

Whatever is going on in your mind, affects the mind of your business as well.

Trying to live in a divided world within yourself is a recipe for failure. You can’t be four different people, i.e. spouse, mother or father, business owner and friend. The only way your business is going to grow is if YOU grow.

It’s pretty simple to tell if you are trying to grow as a divided business owner. Do any of the following fit:

  1. You have a great product, offer or solution but customers are few
  2. You spent money on marketing and yet, no conversion
  3. You know your business is needed in the community but others still don’t know what you do, where you’re at or how to contact you
  4. Your brand is unique but it is not memorable
  5. You’re getting burnt-out with trying to make your business work (successful)
  6. The more you put into your business the less you get out of it

If you truly want success in business, make it more profitable and fulfilling, changing your mindset is the first order of business each day! Believe it or not, all six of the above have the same element missing that will SKYROCKET your business.

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, solo-preneur or you’re still thinking about launching that business, don’t miss this Huge Point that will grow your bottom line.

-People are doing business with YOU and everything about your business has to reflect that! Your company is an extension of YOU.

It is essential that you S-H-I-F-T your thinking about your business around your life if you desire to have success. Knowing what you want your company to look like, to represent and to stand for within your community, family and life comes primarily from you as the owner. Proper mindset holds you responsible for communicating the business vision and goals to the masses which become a far easier task if What You Do is also Who You Are!!!

  1. You have a great product, offer or solution but customers are few…because you neglect to make your business apart of who you are no matter who you’re around or with. You’ve only done business when you at are “at work in or on your business.” You must be the mouthpiece for your products, offers, solutions and services at all times.
  2. You spend money on marketing and yet, no conversion…because there is a disconnect. Until you build meaningful “relationships” with your potential customers or clients, they will NOT come. They want to know the person they are doing business with, they want to feel as if they know you. Without a connection, you’re blowing money in the wind marketing.
  1. You know your business is needed in the community but others still don’t know what you do, where you’re at or how to contact you…because you are too tiring to “RUN” your business instead of being your business. Running a business is full of daily tasks and to-do lists that separate you from your passion to begin with. Being your business is an igniter, it fuels your passion to interact with people. In doing so customers are attracted to you thereby interested in what you do, where they can find you or how they can contact you. So today you must stop busying yourself running your business and start being your business for the success in business.
  1. Your brand is unique but it’s not memorable…because you are telling people about your brand instead of showing them the value (worth) of your brand. For example, Coca-Cola doesn’t even have to put their name on the side of their box because their brand has been ingrained into the mind of consumers visually. The consistency of their product, the constant message and image evokes trust, dependability and relationship to consumers, thereby, resulting in profits. You must take a note out of big corporation brand books and do the same thing. If people don’t know you, your brand is irrelevant. (especially for small business owners) Coca-Cola had to build a relationship over time, be consistent, vocal and visible over time before consumers purchased. Then even without the words, they were memorable. Secondly, who told you that your brand is unique? Sometimes we are attached to things in our business for our own pleasure ignoring the feedback (or not) from the customer. Test your brand by asking others what the visual evokes or means to them. If they respond favorable, build yourself around it within your business. If the responses are mixed, consider going back to the drawing board.
  2. You’re getting burned-out with trying to make your business work (successful)… only because you’re living a divided life. Be YOU 24/7 wherever you go and with whomever you are with at all times. Owning a small business doesn’t mean you have to be who you aren’t, it the opposite. You finally get the benefit of living your best life in all aspects of your life. Be You. Be True.
  3. The more you put into your business the less you get out of it…until now. Now you will begin the process of changing your mindset about your own company. Now you will focus on building relationships. Now you will put yourself into your business (mind, soul and spirit) and get more out of it (peace, joy and profits).

Your business will now have an opportunity to be a successful replication of a happier you. Your message will become more consistent and compelling. Clients will connect with you, the owner, including your thoughts and emotions. Allow a little bit of your personality to show, be interested in the lives of your customers and take the time to connect with them on levels other than your business. Being genuine in your efforts will only result in client loyalty which means repeat business for years to come.

I know all of this sound easy enough, but trust me it takes work. Not the type of work you’re used to. This work requires you to think long and hard about what you want! Not about your business, your family or your relationship with others.

“What do YOU want your life to look like five, ten or even twenty years from now? What do you see yourself doing? How do you feel?”

Your answer is going to be different from many of the clients I work with seeking to grow their small business, improve their profits and live their best life now. Your answer may have nothing to do with money, your family or your sense of achievements at all. But one thing all the entrepreneurs, business owners, and solo-preneurs have in common is the fact that they are in business for themselves! So whatever you want your life to look like, make sure it’s exactly what YOU want.

  • What does your heart want
  • What does the picture of you look like years from now
  • How are others responding to you
  • How does it feel to be successful for yourself

I can remember the feeling because I get to experience it every day living my dreams to small business owners like you. I get to live freely in every area of my life being who I am authentically, laughing, loving, giving and sharing my faith to all desiring to find success doing the same thing in their related field of expertise.

You can try it for success in business! I believe in you.

-Don’t cater yourself around your business.

Make your business separate of your life!-

Mind Your Biz-ness!!!

See you in Success  in business  for more!