Weight Loss Management | Simplified for You

Weight loss management
Weight loss management

You have been trying to lose weight all years.  Obesity is a rampant reality in the present world.  These may make you think that losing weight is difficult.  Let me tell you bluntly that weight loss management is, at least theoretically, quite easy.  All you have to do is figure out two factors to weight gain or weight loss:

  • How much are you putting in into your body in a day?
  • How much are you putting out of your body on the same day?

Once you can figure them out and control them, your weight management becomes simple.

Two Factors of Weight Loss Management.

Let’s look at these two factors.  The first factor refers to the amount of food or calorie you take in per day.  An average person needs about 3000 calories in a day.  Let’s say you are that average person and you need about 3000 calories in a day.  If you then consume food worth more than 3000 calories, given other things constant, you will gain weight, and vice versa.

The second factor refers to the amount of calories you expend in a day.  This is not as easy to determine as the first one because calorie expenditure is a result of a number of other factors; such as, age, genetics, gender, muscle mass, level of activity etc. Generally, the more active you are the more calories you expend.  This is why exercise is a key to calorie expenditure.

Understanding the Two Factors Weight Loss Management

In order to lose weight, you have to do either or both mentioned as follows:

  • Cut down on the amount of food consumed in a day,

and /or

  • Increase the activity level in a day.

Your first step is to figure out how much calories you are burning a day. There are few formulas that have come out over the years that estimate how much calories you burn in a day based on your sex, age, height, weight, and physical activities. When using these formulas, you should keep in mind that the number you get is an estimate only;  not a number that never changes day-to-day. It will also fluctuate.

Weight Loss Management: How It Works?

  • Safe weight loss is considered 1-2 pounds a week. While it is possible to lose more, it is not at all healthy to do so. So, think how much calories do you essentially have to cut out of your diet? One pound of body fat usually equals about 3500 calories. If you wish to lose one pound weight in a week, you need to cut down approximately 3500 calories from your diet in a week. While this might seem to be a lot, per day it comes out to a 500 calorie deficit.
  • In the next step, ask yourself how you do you want to get rid of any unwanted weight. You can cut 500 calories out of your diet a day, or increase the amount of calories you burn by 500 calories a day. A combination of these two methods is the best way to go.  Cutting down about 250 calories from the amount of food you consume and expend about 250 calories jogging, or doing some other form of exercise in a day in addition to what you normally do.

Weight Loss Management: Really Simple

Don’t you think it easy?  I really believe if we know what to do and accomplish it, it is manageable to skip some meal in a day or cut down on the portions, and do some extra activity that would allow you to lose about one pound a week.  You may think that is too slow.  Well, one pound a week consistently, you will be about 50 pounds lighter in one year.  This way, following this weight loss management, it is not an upset or abrupt to your body and you can maintain your new weight easier than if you lost, for instance 20 pounds a month.


So, cut down the calories with a combination of cutting down on the portion and putting in extra activities during the day more than your usual activity.  Now losing weight is that simple. Enjoy your weight loss!

Weight Loss Management | Simplified for You
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Weight Loss Management | Simplified for You
Obesity is rampant reality in the present world. Losing weight is important. Here's the simple and effective weight loss management for you!
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