Valentine’s Day | Top 10 Interesting Facts

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day when people show love and affection for another person. Generally, people show their love in the form of flowers, cards, messages and gifts.

When is Valentine’s Day?Valentine's Day

St Valentine’s Day happens on February 14.

How Valentine’s Day Becomes Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is named after St. Valentine. So, who was this St. Valentine? According to some, he was a Roman priest of third century AD. That time, marriage was forbidden by Emperor Claudius II since he thought it affects negatively on being good soldiers.

It was thought that St. Valentine arranged marriages secretly and therefore, he was sentenced to the capital punishment and sent to jail. Interestingly enough, he too fell in love with the daughter of the jailer. On February 14, he sent a love letter his beloved signed “from your valentine” to say goodbye. Because it was also the day of his execution.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Valentine’s Day

Fact-10: It is the second largest card-sending time. Each year about 1 billion cards are exchanged on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Fact-9: In the medieval times, girls ate special foods on Valentine’s Day believing that it would make them dream the future spouse.

Fact-8: King Henry VII in 1537 officially declared the Valentine’s Day as a holiday in England.

Fact-7: In the late 1800s, Richard Cadbury for the first time produced a box of chocolates for this Valentine’s Day.

Fact-6: Numerous heart-shaped chocolates are sold on the occasion of the Valentine’s Day- more than 35 million.

Fact-5: Men are the majority in buying flowers on this day- 73% whereas 27% women buy flowers.

Fact-4: In the United States, huge chocolate is also sold- worth over $1billion on the day.

Fact-3: On Valentine’s Day, over 189 million stems of (red) roses are also sold in the United States.

Fact-2: Approx 85% of total Valentine’s Day gifts are purchased by women.

Fact-1:  Each year around 220.000 wedding proposal are also made on the Valentine’s Day.

Famous People born on the Valentine’s Day (February 14)

  • Frederick Douglass (1818): Author and activist.
  • Florence Henderson (1934): Actress-singer
  • Lois Maxwell (1927): Actress
  • Kevin Keegan (1951) Footballer
  • Meg Tilly (1960): Actress, dancer, and also a writer
  • Rob Thomas (1972) Singer and songwriter.
  • Carl Bernstein (1944) Washington Post journalist.
  • Mike Bloomberg (1942: ) 108th mayor of New York City.
  • Simon Pegg (1970) Actor, comedian, and writer.
Valentine's Day | Top 10 Interesting Facts
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Valentine's Day | Top 10 Interesting Facts
Valentine's Day is a day when people show love and affection for another person. Here are top 10 facts about the day.
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