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Tips to Quit Smoking
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Smoking is is proven to reduce your lifespan and can harm others around you. So, with new smoking bans coming in all the time here are tips to quit smoking forever.

Many of us start smoking cigarettes at school because of peer pressure and simply carry on into our adult lives from children. And, indeed most people want to give up the weed because of their health or have a new baby around the house and don’t want to give second-hand smoke to any one so we want to quit smoking as soon as possible.

To quit smoking is hard but there are plenty of self-help aids and methods and plenty of advice to help you through it including acupuncture to stop smoking. Some really smart tips to quit smoking are discussed below:

Tips to Quit Smoking Forever.

Your first try to quit smoking.

If you are trying for the first time to quit then it’s going to be harder because you don’t know what to expect and the withdrawal symptoms can be severe so watch out for those and don’t quit just because you have had a bad day.

Try these tips to quit smoking:
  • Set a date in the future when you are going to go completely stop smoking– preferably 2 weeks from today (go and mark it on the calendar right now !)
  • Prepare in advance so have all your patches or other aids purchased and have enough for the first 2 weeks
  • Tell others what you are doing so they can help you through this and understand when your temper is short because of the withdrawal symptoms.
  • Make a calendar out of an A4 sheet of paper with 31 boxes marked day 1 to day 31 and put the date when you are giving up in box 1 and the following day’s date in box 2 and so on. When you have completed the first day of being the smoke-free tick off that box – this provides a great sense of achievement so (for example) by day 5 you can say you have stopped smoking for 5 days.
  • Think about things you can do with your hands because you’ll need something to “play” with like pencils or a “stress ball”.
  • Find healthy snacks to eat because you will need “nibbles” –It can be Ice lollies because there is the “sucking” sensation.
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Other Tips to Stop Smoking.

If you have tried before and are now back smoking again perhaps you can try some of the following methods that may help you.

You can always ask people who have successfully quit what was their secret to their success. Importnatly, in any case, it’s always best to set a date in the future and follow some of the tips above as you need all the help and advice you can get so you can also say in a couple of months time that you are a non-smoker.

  • Acupuncture to stop smoking has some success rates but speak with your doctor.
  • Cold turkey is when you just give up and don’t have any smoking aids to help you – this can work well if you have self-control
  • Give up with others works well because you can help and encourage each other.
  • Fake nicotine cigarette is a plastic cigarette that has nicotine in it but none of the chemicals or smoke – this can help you quit but may not help you quit the routine of smoking “something” but it has worked for some people
  • Stop smoking centers are run by local self-help groups and government-sponsored organizations – you are more likely to give up if you are in a group of people and you have to meet with them on a regular basis
  • Nicotine gum is another replacement therapy and works with some people

Oh, and good luck if you are still a smoker and want to give up.

Tips to Quit Smoking | Stop Smoking Forever
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Tips to Quit Smoking | Stop Smoking Forever
Smoking is of course harmful. Quitting smoking is difficult but not impossible. Here are some smart tips for you to stop smoking.
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