Snoring | Causes and Effective Natural Cures You Should Know

snoring man

Snoring is a health problem that may also cause disturbance for the other people around. If you have a snoring spouse/partner, then it can be irritating.  Some relationship even end up in separating beds because they can not sleep with all the noise.  Furthermore, sometimes snoring is  more serious than this marital disharmony.  It is symptomatic of a more dangerous health disorder.

Snoring occurs when you can not move air freely through your nose and your mouth at the time sleeping. It can be  caused by a narrowing of the airway, which is either due to your poor sleep posture or for an abnormality of soft tissue in your throat.  This narrowing of the airway  obstructs your smooth breathing and causes  snoring sound.   Sometimes,  people with snoring habits have too much throat and nasal tissue. This is  also prone to vibrate.

Cause of Snoring.

  • There are many things  contributing to snoring, For instance, age. As you grow older your throat becomes narrower and  muscle decreases.
  • Men  snore more than women. This is due to their narrower air passages.
  • There are also some hereditary causes.  These include:
    • A cleft palate.
    • Enlarged adenoids.
    • A narrow throat
  • Other causes may include:
snoring woman
snoring woman

Natural Cures.

Some self-help cures for snoring are as follows:

  • Losing weight.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Exercising.
  • Avoiding alcohol.
  • Avoiding sleeping pills and sedatives.
  • Establishing a regular sleeping pattern.


  • Taking nasal decongestants or use nasal strips before going to bed is helpful to breathe more freely. It also helps to keep the air in the bedroom moist.
  • Avoid caffeine and heavy meals before bed. This would include dairy products and soy milk.
  • Re-positioning sleep pattern can also be beneficial. 
  • There are actually pillows designed to keep your neck muscles from getting crimped.
  • Finally, try not to sleep on your back.  This will help keep your tongue and soft tissues from blocking your airway.
snoring cartoon
snoring sleep cartoon

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring.

 A dangerous condition in which snoring can become potentially deadly is called obstructive sleep apnea.  This condition is mainly caused when the tongue or the soft tissues of the throat collapse onto the back wall of the upper airway. This leads to the formation of a blockage that prevents air from entering the lungs.

The person, in order to resume breathing, has to awaken. This is only briefly and he usually doesn’t remember it.  Waking up creates tension in the tongue and throat tissue. This opens up the airway. It also causes a distinctive snorting sound.

People with sleep apnea often awaken several hundred times during an eight-hour sleep.  This can cause chronic fatigue and other major health problems. For instance because of  a lack of  REM (rapid eye movement)sleep, during which major muscle groups relax, including the heart,  a person with sleep apnea is more likely to have heart failure.

When to See a Doctor

There are some things you should look for in order to decide if you need to see a doctor about your snoring.  You may need to ask your spouse/ partner about some of them.  They include:

  • If you snore loudly and heavily.
  • How about being tired during the day (a lot).
  • You stop breathing, gasp or choke during sleep.
  • You fall asleep during inappropriate times. For example, during a conversation or a meal.

Your doctor may send you to a sleep specialist for a sleep study at a clinic.  There are also devices that you can use at home to test for sleep apnea as well. You and your doctor together can find out if you have this problem.

Whether or not it is sleep apnea, your doctor can recommend many snoring treatments that are available.


We all need to be proactive with our health.  It’s our life and our body. It’s our responsibility to take care of it.  This is the only body that God has given us. Let’s not neglect His gift to us.

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