warming up before exercise

Warming up Before Exercise

Many of us have daily physical exercises, but how many of you have a warming up before exercise? It is a really dangerous habit without the warming up before doing exercises. So today we will discuss the importance of warming up before working out.

Once you start your physical activity, some changes will be initiated within your body. Your respiratory rate, oxygen and nutrient levels delivered to the cells and blood flow all increase. Generally it should increase steadily for your body to have enough time to prepare for the physical stress. If you forget this priming procedure, you body cannot function efficiently and your activity will produce less quality or even worse bad results.

Importance of Warming up Before Exercise

A good warming up before exercise will make your nervous system prepared, heighten mental awareness and loosen up joints and muscles, which can make them have lower chance to get injured. It also gives your heart a suitable period to adjust enough blood into your muscles. A warming up is essential for older people as they have joints with less fluid. Sudden exercise may cause a heart attack to them.

So how do you warm up correctly? At the first beginning, you can start some simple activities, like walking and jogging to make your heart beat a little faster. After that, you can increase the pace slowly until you feel your heart beat rate and body temperature increases. It is vital to adjust the pace to your own current fitness level so that your main activities can make sense. After warming up for several minutes, you can do dynamic stretching that will help you improve the overall flexibility.

Different type of workout requires different warming up before exercise, but generally a walking or jogging or slow running will help you make your body ready for the main activities. To cool down after the main workout is as important as a warming up. If you stop your exercises suddenly, your blood have a high possibility to be blocked in muscles and oxygen; thus risking in a heart attack. Therefore bear in mind that start slowly and cool down slowly too.

Exercise is definitely great for health. Exercise regularly will help you build a strong body to prevent diseases, so everyone should participate in exercise. Just do not forget to do some warming up activities before the main workout and cool down slowly after that. A proper warming up before exercise will considerably decrease the risk in getting hurt during the main workout and keep you safe and healthy.