How to Write Keyword Articles | Some Key Points

how to write keyword articles

SEO content or keyword articles, and articles for submission to online sites have become one of the ways that Internet marketers attempt to generate traffic back to their websites. Keyword articles and SEO content articles are basically the same things. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the whole reason that keyword articles exist. So, how to write keyword articles? Let’s discuss.

How to Write Keyword Articles?

People look for information online using major search engines like Yahoo and Google. They do this by typing in one keyword, or a keyword phrase. Let’s say, for example, that you are online looking for information on parenting advice. Most likely you’ll type “parenting advice” into your computer, or maybe a more specific phrase (called a long tail keyword) like, “parenting advice for mothers of teens.”

If you are an Internet marketer trying to get the attention of this niche market, then you want to do whatever you can to get their attention. That is where keywords and articles come into play. The theory is that by you can get the attention of the search engine spiders (sounds creepy doesn’t it?) when they go looking around to find content that matches whatever keywords the user has entered.

There are two main types or uses for keyword articles:

  • For article submissions to directories, like and others.
  •  For posting directly on a website Keyword Articles for Submission.

If you write articles to submit to directories like Ezine, your intention (unless purely altruistic) is to get people so interested in your information that they will follow you back to your website. They will do this by clicking on your domain name which will only appear in your resource box that will follow the article, not in the article itself.

Of course, keywords are important here because they are what will initially draw your readers and the search engines to your articles. Content is also critical, because if your reader doesn’t perceive a great value in what you’re offering they won’t make the effort to visit your site.

Keyword Articles for Your Site.

Should your article differ if your main intention is to post it on your site? Let’s consider the intention. You’ve already got a visitor who was motivated to come to your website. So the article is there to:

So the article is there to:

-Give them specific product information,

-Share free information so they will perceive you as valuable and stick around, or

-Attract search engines by the volume of topic-related keywords on your website

It’s  probably all of the above. The difference is whether or not you feel that these articles are for your readers, or for the search engines. Did you post 10 articles on The History of Bunny Slippers because you feel readers greatly value this data, or because you hope to rate highly for the keyword “bunny slippers?” Your answer might impact how you approach the other components of writing your keyword article.

Other Components

Let’s take a look at some of the other components on how to write keyword articles. In order to create keyword articles, you need to know:

  • What keywords to use
  • Where and how often to use them
  • Who you are writing the article for (your niche market)

Frankly, in regard to SEO, no one really agrees on the best ways to do anything. Some say the search engines are changing so fast that nothing you do today will definitely stick tomorrow. Keep in mind that article marketing is one component of an overall marketing and SEO campaign. It’s the one happen to be most familiar with, but it is only one aspect. If you are going to do it, you must understand keywords. You get familiar with Google AdWords, Wordtracker or some other keyword tool and start getting familiar with that whole side of things.

Frankly, researching keywords is pretty time consuming, but important. If you want to know how to write keyword articles, don’t worry. Even before you have that information, you do know what your clients want. That’s the great thing about articles and web content. If a site is really providing new content and valuable information, it tends to get ranked well. So, while you’re learning about the best ways to optimize, just start creating quality content.

How to Write Keyword Articles | Some Key Points
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How to Write Keyword Articles | Some Key Points
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