How to Develop Empathy | 4 Key Points for Success

how to develop empathy

What is Empathy

Contrary to the popular belief, empathy is the ability to feel what the other feels. Empathy is the understanding of what another person feels and responds accordingly. Understanding other’s emotion is the foundation of a social relationship and thus, empathy as a social skill plays a vital role. How to develop empathy is concern of many and therefore, discussion on this topic would follow.

Understanding other’s emotion is the foundation of a social relationship.

Empathy Varies.

The degree of empathy varies greatly between individuals but is usually higher among people of the same age, sex, race or social group. Again, what makes you feel similar unites you. It has also been postulated that women are more empathetic.

empathy as a social skillEmpathize with someone is simply to make that person feel understood. If you are succeeded, you will be able to change the course of a relationship instantly to a better one. Furthermore, the effect of mirror neurons causes your partner feels indebted to you and understands you.

Advantages of Empathy

Empathy is an important factor when we talk about someone’s mental ability and soft skill.  Understanding other’s emotion is always gives a positive impact. Furthermore, empathy as a social skill enhances the fellow feeling and increases the ties among persons and in the society as a whole.

Before knowing how to develop empathy, let’s count the blessing of empathy: what can you achieve from it?

empathy as a social skill alone
you are NOT alone
  • You will be a better person. Empathetic people have a wider social circle. They are “popular” for their quality of feeling other.
  • You’ll be more persuasive. The ability to understand other’s situation put you in the place of others and also let you know what you can offer that person to trust you.
  • You will become the center of attention. Empathetic communication is more effective and often imparts social relationship much satisfactory usually when talking about things that matter to others.
  • You will improve your leadership and motivation when you begin to understand the wants and needs of the other people.
  • You quickly understand what happens to the others through body language, and can react accordingly.

So, understanding the pattern of the motivation of someone and respond to them accordingly is one of the most powerful tools you will have ever for socialization where lies the importance of empathy.

Improve Your Empathy.

As demonstrated by Dr. Mark A. Barnett, empathy is a skill that can be learned and improved. The key to being more empathetic is to take the place of the other, ceasing to be you for a moment and understanding the desires and fears of your partner without being aware of what you’re going to say next. So, it’s almost like meditation.

empathy as a social skill center
Empathy Circle

How to Develop Empathy | 4 Key Points

Here are some exercises that can improve your empathy as well as other soft skills:

 Stop listening for moments and look at other things.

You often give more value to the meaning of words with a variety of information that you can perceive. Tone, posture, expression, look, silence … all that information influence you unconsciously, but your reasoning to give more importance to the actual words. So what you should do is to shut your reason and give a chance to your intuition.

I know exactly what you feel. I can feel your feeling.

Understand what  motivates someone.

Think of any difficulties that your friend may encounter in his life. If he is a trader, maybe he is slackening in the business than before and it costs more to pay. Think about that for a moment before speaking with him, you can increase your empathy. Definitely, you can improve your empathy by mental exercise.

Make a ‘feel’ of your real intention.

how to develop empathy
We are ’empathy’ family!

Be very simple and ask; How are you? and wait. Turn your body toward him  or her giving your full attention. Do not do it only out of courtesy. You can also touch lightly on the upper arm, making you feel freer to express him understood that you realize his problems.

Paraphrase and restate message.

Talk with your partner restating his message by adding emotion to believe that you are experiencing. You will feel more, understood more and also will achieve that through talking about facts about emotions. This is a vital point on how to develop empathy strategy.

Strive for a while to do all this and soon you will be surprised yourself doing almost unconsciously.  Finally, you  see you’ve managed to improve your empathy.

How to Develop Empathy | 4 Key Points for Success
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How to Develop Empathy | 4 Key Points for Success
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