How to Deal With Social Anxiety Without Medication

how to deal with social anxiety

 Social Anxiety.

Before we talk about how to deal with social anxiety, let’s look at a set of data. According to a research,  nearly 1/8 all Americans are affected by social anxiety. Professionals say that social anxiety disorder is a psychiatric disorder and it can make people feel physically sic in social situations. It can destroy your self esteem, your marriage, your social life and many other aspects of your life. Therefore it is vital to prevent it. Definitely there are many medications that can help you,  we will talk about how to deal with social anxiety without medication.

Know what is social  anxiety.

The first important thing is you need to know about social anxiety disorder. You can visit your local library and search online to find out enough info about it. These info should include what exact the social anxiety is, why it happens, and what the main signs of it are, etc. You should also check out books with topics on how to build a self esteem, how to think positively, how to speak in a public situation without nervous and other things that can help you build confidence. Reading this info is not enough; you need to practise their tips to develop yourself.

How to deal with social anxiety.

The second way to deal with social anxiety is you can start and maintain a journal. In your daily journal, you can write down how you feel today, you refuse to take a party or not, you are confident today or not, you have a social situation or not and other things like these. In you weekly journal, you need to summarize your daily social activities and your progress. The most important journal is the monthly journal. In your monthly journal, you need to list all the social activities within this month. Then you should categorise these activities into two groups: comfortable and uncomfortable situations. Then ask yourself these questions: why do you feel comfortable? Is it because you overcome your anxiety or you don’t feel nervous? You can also ask yourself why you feel uncomfortable. This kind of journal is very useful as it can help you face your fears and let you find the right solution to deal with social anxiety successfully.

Set your Social goals.

The third tip is to set your social goals and practise them. For example, if you are very uncomfortable at a party, then you can try to manage a party in your house and invite your very close friends. If you are uneasy at a public situation, then you can try to walk out, like shopping, travelling, and watching movies and etc. Start with some simple and easy to achieve goals and then try some challenging goals.


Although the above tips work for most people and we talk about how to deal with social anxiety without medication here, if unfortunately you fail to overcome this disorder yourself, then you need to see your doctor and talk to him honestly. He will help you analyze your situation and help you find suitable ways to deal with social anxiety.