Entrepreneur Character Traits | What You Should Know

entrepreneur character traits

It looks so easy to do on paper. But the marks of a good entrepreneur are internal. It takes drive, determination and will power to overcome many hurdles faced when launching or maintaining a business. That’s not to say skills can’t be learned, because they most absolutely can. But more often than not, entrepreneurs possess traits that a similar across the board.

The typical question I get asked from most budding business owners, is “How can I start?” this question helps people build, launch maintain and sustain successful and profitable small businesses every day. But I also understand there’s more to the question than what’s being asked. Typically, what you want to know is:

  • How do I get what’s in my head to manifest
  • How do I turn my hobby into a real business
  • How do I profit from my passion
  • Where do I begin if I want to start a business
  • What are the costs associated with the business I’m interested in launching
  • And the questions could continue….

One simple question can lead to twenty other questions when you start talking about starting a business. So the First Step is to assess whether or not you possess Entrepreneur Character Traits. These traits will assess your needs moving forward in your quest to becoming a successful entrepreneur or your need to address your “why” for starting a business.


Your why is your answer to the question. Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?

 Your “why” for wanting to be an entrepreneur, launch a business or build a company is going to be different from person to person but it’s also going to fuel your efforts and ignite your determination to see it through. Your “why” sums us the character traits necessary to achieve your end goal. Without a “why,” you will not do the work when things get difficult, and any entrepreneur will tell you…things will get difficult.

I remember launching my first business many moons ago and asking myself night after night,- In this world, what am I doing? Times were hard and I didn’t have the money, resources nor support needed to see it through. But unbeknownst to myself at the time, I internally possessed Entrepreneur Character Traits that helped me achieve success in my first business and those same traits have followed me many businesses since.

Entrepreneur Character Traits : YOU CAN ACHIEVE THE SAME RESULTS…

These five Entrepreneur Character Traits are essential to you becoming the entrepreneur I know you can be. All it takes is a little self-evaluation. You will need every one of these traits to keep you focused, poised and positioned for success. Don’t take for granted the fact that many people will tell you that you can start a business with this, that or the other but neglect to tell you that YOU have to come to the table with your own tools for the trade.

You don’t have to put the cart before the horse. I am giving you the First Step to success which always begins with YOU…. the aspiring Entrepreneur, Small Business owner, Home-based Business owner or Solo-preneur. YOU have to want what you desire more than anyone else. YOU have to work harder than anyone else. YOU have to show up when no one else does and YOU have to want it bad enough to make it happen. Everything resides on your internal Entrepreneur Character Traits.

So many people today call themselves entrepreneurs but I have found as a Small Business Coach to many that most people lack one or two of the following traits which hinder greater growth opportunities for their business. Yes, the list of traits are not definite but there are five traits I believe you and EVERY entrepreneur must have to achieve success.

Let’s take a look and see if you currently have what it takes to launch your entrepreneur dream:

Perseverance: The time will come in your business when things will get hard, people will walk away and problems will arise. During such times you must stay committed and persevere. You will need to believe in yourself, your products and your service.  You will need to encourage yourself and see progress when it seems there is none. Perseverance is the character trait that keeps entrepreneurs focused on the big picture when all the little things are in the way.

Communication Skills: Any entrepreneur worth his or her salt knows that it takes good communication skills to deal with clients, customers, shippers, employees and suppliers. Effective communication ensures your business will run smoothly and everyone involved understands your vision and expectations precisely. Entrepreneurs must have good interpersonal skills to appropriately and professionally communicate their wants and desires across the board to achieve business success.

Risk Takers: You need to be willing to take risks in business. Sometimes you will need to trust yourself against everything and everyone else. Your ability to discern and distinguish between what you want and what’s best for your business will be vitally important.

Motivation: A good trait for you to have as an entrepreneur is self-motivation. This is particularly important if you are starting a business alone. You will have to motivate yourself to keep pushing, keep seeking and keep striving no matter what until you reach the success you desire in business.

Time Management: Entrepreneurs are good time managers. They know how to organize, delegate and keep focused on what is important to their business objectives.

Staying true to these internal Entrepreneur Character Traits will ensure your success in business. Don’t skip on recognizing the skill set you already have and can build upon to achieve great results. YOU can master your goals with the right answer to your “why” and YOU can go so much farther knowing the traits you carry are must-haves for successful entrepreneurs of today.