5 Ways to Get Back Your Good Mood

good mood

People do not always can start the day in the best way- in a good mood, and many a times in the day the bad mood can be changed to good one with humor.

It’s obvious that  being in a bad mood doesn’t make us well ourselves and neither does well the people who surround us. That is why science is dedicated to studying things that can change our mood and take away the bad energy.

Do you want to know what? Here are some ways by following which you can get back your good mood as yours!.

Ways to Get Back Your Good Mood

  • Photos: Do not delete those photos from your cell phone and you pull those old photo albums, they help change your mood.

According to the University of the United Kingdom that people have a boost of happiness with just seeing a picture of the past – near or far.

  • A lemon. Exactly!  A lemon can help you. According to the University of Osaka, there is a relationship between citrus aromas and stress hormones. And so it is that a lemon smelling those hormones can reduce and so you can leave the bad energy.

The human body invades energies and positive thoughts and let go to the bad mood.

  • Writing. If you like writing, put to the test the following exercise: write three positive things about your day; it will make you feel happier and optimistic according to research conducted by the University of California.
  • Videos. Videos can also lift our mood up. Do you know that a video of cats can raise your energy and make your day more optimistic?

According to Indiana University, videos of the small rodents can boost your state of mind.

  • Smiling. A Smile is the quickest way to be happy, and also the most efficient. A study conducted by the University of Clark discovered that smile produces positive memories and allow you to say goodbye to your bad mood.

Only a true smile can undo your bad mood. So go in search of something that can make you smile, maybe your thoughts can find the solution. BE IN YOUR GOOD MOOD!