10 Foods You Think Are Healthy But Are Not Really

foods you think are healthy
healthy food!

Are you still hanging onto those pesky, extra ten to fifteen pounds despite eating healthy and working out? Do you catch a cold or two every year even though you hear from others how they eat right and so never get sick anymore? How come they manage to avoid getting sick while you still catch every bug that goes around the office? It could be that the healthy diet you eat is not as healthy as you have been lead to believe. You may think you are doing everything right, eating a balanced diet and exercising but many foods you think are healthy but actually full of fat and calories. Here are ten common foods that we think are healthy but are not.

Foods You Think Are Healthy.

  • Smoothies

~ Full of fruit and often added protein powder, smoothies must be healthy right? Often the smoothies you get from restaurants use full fat milk or ice cream. They use fruit syrup and put in a bit of real fruit so they are loaded with sugar which metabolizes into fat on your body.

  • Caesar Salad

~It’s a salad so it must be healthy. Caesar salad is really just romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese and croutons. The croutons are made from white bread so they are just added calories with zero nutrition and fiber. The salads you get from restaurants are loaded with dressing full of fat and calories. You do get some vitamins from the romaine lettuce but the amount of calories from the dressing makes this a high-fat food.

  • Energy Bars

~Most of the energy bars available are just jazzed up candy bars. They often have more than 200 calories and are full of sugar. They are small and not satisfying so while you are supposed to use them as a meal replacement, you end up eating it on top of a meal or as a snack and adding the calories to your diet. Most of them taste terrible as well. You would be better off eating a 180 calorie snickers bar and really enjoying it.

  • Breakfast Muffins

~Many of the muffins sold at places are about 3 times the size of what we should be consuming. They rack up at over 500 calories. They may have blueberries but the rest is sugar, flour and butter. If you want a muffin, have a smaller sized muffin (3 x smaller) and strive for bran.

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  • Low Fat Yogurt

~They may contain less fat from using low-fat milk but they have tons of sugar. If you get the kind with aspartame you are dealing with chemicals and the fake sweetness that makes you hungrier later. The fruit on the bottom kinds of yogurt use fruit syrups, not real fruit which also contain tons of sugar (as much as 30 grams) and metabolize into fat on your body. Have plain Greek yogurt and add your own real fruit or a small amount of honey.

  • Multi-grain

~ Just because it has several types of grain does not mean it is healthy. Those grains could be refined grains and white flour which have had all the nutrients, vitamins, and fiber sifted out. They can say it is multigrain because technically it is but those grains are not necessarily whole wheat or full of nutritious fiber and minerals.

  • Light Olive Oil

~A label of light makes you think it would be less fat but light olive oil just means it is lighter in color and taste.

  • Microwave Popcorn

~Many brands have added “butter” which can be full of bad fat and is made up of chemicals. Check the nutrition label for fat grams in a serving size or switch to air popped popcorn and sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese or your own spices. It cooks as fast as microwave popcorn and you avoid any chemicals from the bag leaching into your popcorn.

  • Ice Burg Lettuce

~It may be a vegetable but has no vitamins and a very bland taste making people want to dress it up with cheese, bacon bits or added dressing. Go for the darker lettuces like romaine, green leaf or red leaf which have more vitamins, minerals and flavor.

So foods you think are healthy is not always true!